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Jersey Johnny's Giants Season Wrap-Up

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

Ok, so here are my thoughts -

1 - No, the Giants should not have even been in that game last night in Philly. They were indeed “playing with house money”. The only problem was that they seemed to have spent it all before they arrived in PA.

2 - So did I think that the Giants could have won that game last night? Well, let’s put it this way. I did think there was an outside shot they could win, yes. But mainly because I didn’t think Philly was the same team that blew out the Giants in December. I though the Eagles had peaked too early (which does happen a lot with Number 1 Seeds), and that injuries had gotten the better of them lately, causing them to not be at 100%. Couple that with the Giants seeming to have some momentum at that point, and that made me think there indeed was an “outside shot” that the Giants could win last night.

Neither of those held quite true.

3 - What did I really expect to happen? I expected them to, at the very least, compete in the game. Hang with the Eagles for most of the game. At least look as if there was a reason they were there in that game in the first place. I was not thinking that due to my fandom alone. However, I was thinking that because of a number of reasons.

Well, let me elaborate - Was it because of me thinking Daniel Jones had turned a corner as the Giants QB? No. Was it because of me thinking that Brian Daboll found a way to get some inferior players to play beyond their talent? No. Was it because of me thinking the offensive line had gelled enough to give Jones and Barkley enough time to make things happen in the backfield? No. Was it because I though the defensive line and the linebackers were solid enough to stop Philly’s running game? No. Was it because I though the defensive backs were playing lock down football and would limit the Philly passing game in a big way? No.

It was, however, because of all of those reasons put together! That's why they should have at least competed in the game.

4 - The NY Giants we’re overmatched last night, plain and simple. Whatever momentum they seemingly had must have worn off somewhere on the Turnpike on the way to Philadelphia. Nothing that worked in Minnesota was working last night. They couldn’t stop Philly’s run game, they couldn’t hold off Philly’s defense and they couldn’t score. A disappointing game for sure for any and all Giants fans. Certainly the Giants fans that were fondly remembering 2007 and 2011 and had been thinking of another magical run. But the bottom line was that if they had at least been in the game, even just a little bit, the disappointment would have been muted quite a bit.

5 - The future is looking very bright for the NY Giants. Brian Daboll and company have brought this team back to respectability, and I believe that this will continue into the off season, into the draft, into OTAs, throughout next season and for many years to come. The Giants will be back in the playoffs again next year. And then, well, who knows. Regardless of what they decide to do with Daniel Jones, Saquon Barkley or any other player, I have faith in this Giants leadership to do the right thing. Something that I haven’t been able to say in quite a long time!

So join me in congratulating the 2022 NY Giants! Despite the disappointing game yesterday, their play this year overall provided us with a big reason to be proud NY Football Giants fans once again!

Well done Gents! Jints! Giants!


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