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Read All About Our Knowledgeable & Extremely Entertaining Hosts

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Jersey Johnny

Once thought to be the most prolific bratwurst griller in the North East US, Johnny now enjoys grilling many different foods. His love of sports and his knowledge of sports history makes him, well, someone who loves sports and remembers some things that happened during some games. Johnny loves craft beer as well. Let’s face it, you need a good IPA to wash down a bratwurst. He enjoys screaming incessantly at the Giants & Mets, collecting jerseys and caps, and hiking in the foothills of Mount Tibidabo.

Harry Lug Nutz - Use.jpg

Harry Lug Nuts

Harry was raised in the shadows of NYC and Giant Stadium by the Toxic Avenger.  Shipped out West to Denver as part of the Dan Reeves signing in the early 90s where he has been the head janitor, bassist and carnival barker for the band LOG.

Shameless Band Plug -

Facebook - @LOGco

Instagram - @lognoise

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A former "Mr. Teen Kiribati", Pete has worked in and out of a number of diverse fields such as broadcasting, food service, artifact procurement, shipping, herbal medicine, and snake milking. He enjoys sports, although he generally doesn't understand them. His is a layman's point of view, whatever that means. He enjoys dozing through sunsets, long naps in the park, and ice cream.

The Beer Samurai - Use.jpg

The Beer Samurai

The Samurai has been in the craft beer world longer than he cares to admit…or is legal in pretty much all states. When not at a brewery or bar, he can be found tramping along the trails of wondrous places in his mind. He fancies himself a poet and a chef and, every now and then, his creations are palatable. Otherwise, he follows the philosophy of “Drink what you like; let others drink what they like. Don’t be a douche!” Well, unless it’s hard seltzers…

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