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A-a-ron Plans To Come To The NY Jets...

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

Aaron Rodgers Depicted In New York Jets Jersey - Photo Via: Pro Football Focus Twitter

"Since Friday my intention was to play for the New York Jets.. it's the compensation that's holding things up" ~

Aaron Rodgers on the Pat McAfee Show today (3-15-23)

Looks like it's just a matter of compensation, then he'll be "Packing" for NJ (see what I did there?). He'll have a pretty decent team around him as well. One that continues to improve a bit as they add players that Rodgers is familiar with. Players that he says he did not "demand", and he never spoke to Dianna Russini either.

Rodgers also says that the Jets hiring of Nathaniel Hackett had an impact on his decision. He mentioned that his meeting with Woody Johnson, Joe Douglas, Robert Saleh and Hackett was an easy (good) meeting.

So gear up Jets fans, it's actually happening! Well, so it seems anyway...


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