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TLR - Friday MLB Hot Stove

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

Episode 1 - 11-20-20 - The NY Mets

Okay, so there has been a lot of speculation and spitballing, as expected, with the Mets and all of the free agent choices available this off season. Some are treading lightly, as if their creative thinking when it comes to this is being squelched by the mindset that the former ownership had instilled in them. Some are thinking that the new ownership will be spending twice as much as the Yankees and Dodgers ever did.

Now, while many of these hot stove scenarios may sound dream-like, keep in mind the Mets are a lot closer (if not there already) to making these dreams become realities. However, are some of these crazy signings that necessary? Lets explore…

Francisco Lindor -

While I hemmed and hawed in the article I wrote last week, here is my current stance on this move. IF they could get him with just trading players like Rosario or Giménez (not both, one or the other), Nimmo and a minor leaguer (not Pete Crow-Armstrong, they’ll need outfield depth in the minors). AND they get confirmation that they will be able to lock Lindor up in an extended contract. THEN I would make the deal. Anything more than that would just be continuing down the path of getting rid of home-grown talent for little return.

J.T. Realmuto -

This is obvious. If they could work out a deal with him that is mutually beneficial, then do it! However, if it means giving a 30 year old (at the start of next season) catcher an 8-10 year deal, meaning he’ll be DHing or rotating at first base for the last several years of his contract, then I say don’t do it. Look into the next guy on the list.

James McCann -

If the Realmuto deal falls through for any of my reasoning above, or for any other reason, McCann is a solid fall back option. Now I know he’s not Realmuto, but his numbers pretty much make him the second best catcher in free agency this off-season. Something to think about.

George Springer -

The Mets need a true center fielder. Springer meets and exceeds all of the qualities needed in a true center fielder. Sign him.

Marcell Ozuna -

This would be a great pick up if they could get him for a short 1 or 2 year deal for around $30 million. But, only if the Lindor deal works out and Nimmo winds up in Cleveland. This may not work for him, though, since he just turned 30 and is more than likely looking for a payday coming off of a pretty good year with Atlanta.

Trevor Bauer -

Sign him already. What are you waiting for.

DJ LeMahieu -

First of all, he will be resigning with the Yankees. His rejection of the Yankees $18.9 million qualifying offer was to test the waters and get his number just to come back to Cashman and let him match or beat it. The only thing the Mets will do by getting involved in that is to help LeMahieu drive up his price for the Yankees. And second of all, the Mets don’t need him. Robbie Cano’s suspension has afforded the Mets to start McNeil at 2nd base. Now while LeMahieu is a better player right now than McNeil, the upside is huge for Jeff. He’s got a great bat that will hopefully continue to improve, he’s no slouch defensively, and he’s much cheaper!

So, with these things in mind, here are my ideal starters for the 2021 Mets -

If a Lindor trade works out -

1st Base - Pete Alonso

2nd Base - Jeff McNeil

Shortstop - Francisco Lindor

3rd Base - J.D. Davis

Left Field - Marcell Ozuna

Center Field - George Springer

Right Field - Michael Conforto

Catcher - J.T. Realmuto (or James McCann)

Bench - Dom Smith, Amed Rosario (or Giménez depending on Lindor trade), Luis Guillorme, Tomas Nido

If a Lindor trade does not work out -

1st Base - Pete Alonso

2nd Base - Jeff McNeil

Shortstop - Amed Rosario

3rd Base - J.D. Davis

Left Field - Brandon Nimmo

Center Field - George Springer

Right Field - Michael Conforto

Catcher - J.T. Realmuto (or James McCann)

Bench - Dom Smith, Andrés Giménez, Luis Guillorme, Tomas Nido

And as for the pitching rotation -

Jacob deGrom

Trevor Bauer

Noah Syndergaard (once he’s back)

Marcus Stroman

David Peterson

Let’s hope that some form or facet of this could get done. The good thing is that things like this are closer to reality than they were just last year, and have been in quite some time. Remember, a few years before the Wilpons bought controlling interest in the team, the Mets awarded Mike Piazza the richest contract in MLB at the time!

Let’s believe in Uncle Steve!

Oh, and after all that, they need to work on the bullpen…

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