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Lets Go To The Stats - 9-30-20

Are Some NFL Referees Thinking Their Job Security Resides In Calling Many BS Penalties?!

Every game I watch it seems that I’m seeing more and more penalty flags thrown. I wonder, could this just be a coincidence, or are these NFL Refs actually more “trigger happy” when it comes to calling penalties. Maybe they feel that it may have something to do with job security? Maybe they feel like “it’s their game too” and they just want to be more involved.

Either way, it intrigued me enough to “go to the stats” and check it out. Well, I did find out something interesting. I looked at last year’s (2019) numbers and compared them with the numbers from 10 years prior (2009). Here’s what I found -

Year - 2009

Number of games played - 267 (includes playoffs)

Average number of penalties per game - 11.86

Average number of penalty yards per game - 97.54

Year - 2019

Number of games played - 267 (includes playoffs)

Average number of penalties per game - 13.37

Average number of penalty yards per game - 113.52

Now while this isn’t anything as drastic as double the amount, it does show an uptick. At least as far as the comparison I drew with the years that I picked! Still, I think that there is something to be said about this. Is it actually an issue with the referees as I have argued? Or is it more of an issue with undisciplined players? I'm beginning to think it may have a little to do with both.

Players need to get their act together when it comes to discipline on the field, and refs need to stop throwing BS flags. And don’t even get me started on the refs that throw pass interference flags on CBs that barely touch a receiver, but pretend they didn’t even see the mauling a receiver got on another play!

That's just my take on it...

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