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Just My Opinion

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

Current happenings with The NY Mets

On a Mets group that I belong to the question was raised, “Why did Sandy let Springer walk? We needed him!” Now clearly this individual isn’t, shall we say, all that happy with Steve Cohen bringing Sandy Alderson back to the Mets. But everyone is entitled to their opinion, right?

Well here’s mine -

How do we know that Cohen isn’t in on all of this. While I really would have liked to see them sign Springer, the truth is that they still have had the best off season in a very long time! McCann was my choice for behind the plate, May was a great bullpen pick up, and the Lindor deal was one of the best of all time for the team, assuming that they resign him of course.

And with Lindor, while it would have been a great bonus to have Springer’s bat there, they really don’t need it as much as they did before. Now go get a good, solid glove for CF and take care of the defense out there with an ok (not detrimental-to-the-lineup) bat and you just saved yourself the millions of dollars to use towards resigning Conforto & Lindor after this season.

Bottom line, it’s already been a stellar off season, and Cohen did say they weren’t going to spend like “drunken sailors”, but get the right pieces to compete now, and build for the future as well, at the same time! Plus Springer will only be in center field for a couple years, then he’ll most certainly need to move to a corner position.

I get the other point of view, but you really didn’t expect them to go out there and sign everyone that was available, and spend upwards of $100 million in doing so, did you? Look, if Lindor didn’t happen then Springer absolutely happens! Plus, Lindor will be a great short stop for many years. Do we really know how many more years it will be before Springer has to move to a corner?

And as far as Realmuto goes (this was brought up as well), they signed an adequate (damn good) alternative to a shorter, less expensive contract while they get the young Francisco Alvarez ready. Cohen did say this is as much about the future as it is about now. Even more so.

Now, sit back, relax and enjoy the show. Everyone needs to be deprogrammed from the Wilponitis that everyone has been experiencing for years. This is going to be a fun ride. Enjoy it, and stop letting the past prevent your future enjoyment!


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