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Brewery Banter - Source Brewing “Part Two”

Source Farmhouse Brewery, Colts Neck, NJ

This is the 2nd article I’ve written reviewing Source Brewing beer. I’ll start it off somewhat the same way as the last article in case you didn’t read that one yet! Here’s a link if you want to!

As many of you that have heard our Craft Beer Podcast may have already figured out, I drink a lot of Source Farmhouse Brewery beer. This is not a difficult thing to do (well, for me anyway) as Source is only about a 15 minute drive away. Plus, they release new beer every Friday.

So, on Friday mornings at about 9am I log in to my Beer Broadcast account and purchase the newest creations from the crew in Colts Neck, NJ. Yes, a fair amount of the offerings are indeed New England IPAs (NEIPAs), but there are a good number of other styles from time to time as well, mostly seasonally.

I was originally thinking of making this “column” reviews on specific beers, but I decided that may turn this into another version of my Untappd profile. Instead, I’ll be combining multiple beers from the same brewery into one article. If anyone really wants to know my full thoughts on specific beers, just write in and I will give you my Untappd info. 🍻

So, here we go…

Pictured above are -

Pineapple Milkshake - 7.8%ABV Milkshake IPA - Light haze with a very fluffy head. The nose is citrusy with slight pine. Super creamy mouthfeel with big pineapple and juicy citrus. Delicious milkshake IPA somewhat reminiscent of a Piña Colada!

Peaches & Cream Milkshake - 7.8%ABV Milkshake IPA - Pours hazy with a soft mouthfeel. Stone fruit nose, and tastes of fresh peaches and apricot, slight melon and juicy citrus. Literally could have been drinking a vanilla peach milkshake!

Mango Tengo - 7.8%ABV Milkshake IPA - Pours a bit hazier than the other milkshakes, and with a slightly more orange color. Pillow soft mouthfeel with tons of mango, citrus and vanilla. Though that I was drinking a mango orange creamsicle!

Thought Control - 9%ABV Double New England IPA - Pours hazy, medium to full body, soft mouthfeel, juicy with plenty of citrus and big hops with a mellow bitterness. Part of Source’s “Artist Series”, paying respects to artists, musicians and others. This one pays tribute to Pink Floyd.

Ultra Kohatu - 8%ABV Double New England IPA - Pours hazy gold with plenty of citrus, tropical fruit and even a bit of pine on the finish. Part of Source’s “Single Silo Series” of rotating, single-hopped, juicy, Imperial NEIPAs. This one features the New Zealand hop Kohatu.

Ultra El Dorado - 8%ABV Double New England IPA - Hazy, big and fruity. Notes of guava, mango, citrus and melon. Part of Source’s “Single Silo Series” of rotating, single-hopped, juicy, Imperial NEIPAs. This one features the El Dorado hop.

Ultra Azacca - 8%ABV Double New England IPA - Hazy and juicy as you would figure reading the two prior beer notes. This one has a pillowy mouthfeel, and you could really feel the oats and wheat they used. Plenty of tropical and citrus notes in this one as well. Part of Source’s “Single Silo Series” of rotating, single-hopped, juicy, Imperial NEIPAs. This one features the American hop Azacca.

Ultra Citra - 8%ABV Double New England IPA - Hazy orange juice in a glass! Soft mouthfeel with a ton of citrusy juice. Part of Source’s “Single Silo Series” of rotating, single-hopped, juicy, Imperial NEIPAs. This one features the Citra hop.

Ultra Lotus - 8%ABV Double New England IPA - Guess what. Yep, hazy and juicy with a fluffy mouthfeel. This one has tropical fruit notes, as well as a bit of candy and vanilla. Part of Source’s “Single Silo Series” of rotating, single-hopped, juicy, Imperial NEIPAs. This one features the recently named Lotus hop.

Jacked-O-Lantern - 12%ABV Imperial Cream Ale - Pours an amber-orange. Huge coffee nose. Big, creamy mouthfeel from the lactose, with notes of sweet roasty coffee, burnt sugar, subtle chocolate and sweet crusty biscuit.

Winter Saison - 10%ABV Farmhouse Ale - Pours dark brown with a beige head. The nose gets slight Belgian candy and dark fruit. Notes of dark fruits, burnt sugar and a bit of pepper with a dry finish.

Fall Saison - 9.1%ABV Farmhouse Ale - Orange-hued with a white foam head. Crisp and herbal with a bit of rye spice. Notes of banana, clove, pear and subtle vanilla. Finishes warm and dry.

Ein Prosit - 6.3%ABV German Pilsner - Translated means “A Toast”. You could do that a few times with this one. Crisp and super balanced, with a nice malty sweetness and a subtle bitterness.

Farm Fest Märzen - 6.2%ABV Märzen - Pours amber and has a smooth, rounded mouthfeel. Notes of toasted bready malt and biscuits, with subtle caramel, and finishes dry. This is one of my favorite seasonal styles!

Colts Bock - 7%ABV Traditional Bock - This has become one of my favorite offerings from Source. Amber-hued and full of flavor, with notes of toasty bread, caramel, dried fruit and sweet corn with a slightly earthy hop bitterness. Finishes clean, and I could drink it all day!

Warm Embrace - 7.5%ABV American Porter - Pours dark brown with a slight tan head. Throws a deep malt aroma that you just want to eat it smells so good! Notes of graham cracker cookies, chocolate, coffee and nutty caramel. Another one that has become one of my favorite Source beers.

That will wrap up this one. Don’t worry though, I’m already several beers into the next one! And remember, if you ever find yourself in the area of Colts Neck, NJ, go and enjoy some great beer at Source.

Source Brewing

300 State Route 34

Colts Neck, NJ 07722



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