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Prognosticating against The Coin

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

Well we're back at it again. Gotta pick games on the podcast. We do, but with a twist.
On top of going head to head with our fellow hosts we're going to have a coin flip make picks as well.
That's right. We're going to flip a coin to pick games.

We haven't decided what, if anything, the prize structure will be, but one thing is for certain. One (or more) of us may in fact LOSE TO A COIN!

There is NO living that sort of thing down. Ever.

just imagine the scene......
Some Dude and Frank walk into a crowded bar;
Some Dude: "Hey everybody! This if Frank. He just won ten grand in a poker tournament!"
Crowd: (wild cheering)
Some Dude: "But fifteen years ago he lost a season long football pick contest to a coin."
Crowd: "BOOOOO!!"

Heavy stakes

Here's how it works:
Each week we'll pick the Jets and Giants games, as well as 3 other games we believe will be interesting. Picks are straight up, no spread. The coin will pick too, as tossed by yours truly, or in the event I'm absent, either JJ or Harry.

Yellow means a win, red means a loss.

I'll post the picks on The GET ON WITH IT! Podcast Official Football Picks Post after each podcast, and update the results weekly.

There's another wrinkle though. Whenever one of us can't make the podcast, the coin's picks will also be recorded as that host's picks. If we don't show, we get the same picks as the coin. Good incentive to show up. End of the year we'll tally and rank.

Enjoy the podcast,

Eaten by the coin

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